Ambrose Jhonson: My Sexual Fantasy with the Waffle

Last night I wanted to eat waffles, I hadn’t tried them for long and I decided to go out for coffee. there I ordered the most delicious waffle and waita few minutes seated. When the employee arrived at the table where he was, he looked over my eyes and smiled. I took the plate and noticed that they had added ice cream. as I ate it I felt how soft and creamy it was, I felt the ice cream drops dripping down my lips and it was inevitable not to imagine the employee at the table with his legs open and me watering the ice cream between his legs and on his chest. I imagined sucking the fingers of his legs and climbing all over his body with my tongue, forcing him to eat the waffle as he pulled down the zipper of my pants to get my cock out and put it inside his ass. it was exciting and I left him some extra advice with a note that said: it’s the hottest ice cream I’ve ever tasted!

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