Oct 15

Ricardo Millos: Ser Joven En Latinoamerica

América Latina tiene 108 millones de jóvenes entre 15 y 24 años de edad, de los cuales el 13,9 % (15 millones) padecen el desempleo, según un informe de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT) de 2013, y el 55,6 % de los ocupados se encuentran en condiciones de informalidad, lo cual ha generado expresiones de movilización ciudadana en los países de la región, y ha despertado la preocupación de los gobiernos con distintos matices de acción; algunos lo ven como un asunto de gobernabilidad y estabilidad institucional, y otroS como una oportunidad de inclusión social y desarrollo democrático.Colombia no es ajena a esta situación, en el país, el 47 % de los desempleados son jóvenes, y la tasa de desempleo juvenil es del 15,7 %, de acuerdo con el boletín técnico de mayo del Dane; es decir, dos puntos porcentuales por encima del promedio regional. Un estimado de 1.993.800 personas carecen de oportunidades para ejercer sus derechos a plenitud.

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Sep 27

Ambrose Jhonson: My Sexual Fantasy with the Waffle

Last night I wanted to eat waffles, I hadn’t tried them for long and I decided to go out for coffee. there I ordered the most delicious waffle and waita few minutes seated. When the employee arrived at the table where he was, he looked over my eyes and smiled. I took the plate and noticed that they had added ice cream. as I ate it I felt how soft and creamy it was, I felt the ice cream drops dripping down my lips and it was inevitable not to imagine the employee at the table with his legs open and me watering the ice cream between his legs and on his chest. I imagined sucking the fingers of his legs and climbing all over his body with my tongue, forcing him to eat the waffle as he pulled down the zipper of my pants to get my cock out and put it inside his ass. it was exciting and I left him some extra advice with a note that said: it’s the hottest ice cream I’ve ever tasted!

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Sep 19

Adrian Veidt: Game Winning Goal

Less than a minute to go in OT in the last game of the regular season. We’ve been hanging on by a thread for weeks, and it all comes down to this. A tie won’t cut it tonight, we need the W to get into the playoffs.Coach recognizes that it’s now or never, and waves the goalie to the bench. I jump onto ice just in time to catch your stretch pass. Right on the tape as usual.You recognize the look in my eyes from across the rink, the determined stare that means I’m not going to let anyone stop me from getting what I want. The unfortunate defender tasked with stopping me has no clue. He tries to stand me up at the blue line, but his body doesn’t even register against mine as I plow through him like he was a cardboard cut out. The defender’s ass finally hits the ice feet away from his original take off point. With no one between me and the goalie, I wind up for what is sure to be a vicious slapshot. As I swing the stick down with resolute conviction, the goalie braces for what he hopes is a tremendous impact somewhere on his body rather than in the net behind him. But at the last instant, instead of a scorcher on net, I pull the puck to my backhand and toss a perfect saucer pass across the slot. The puck finds you charging hard to a completely undefended back door, and you forcefully stuff it into the yawning net.The whistle blows, and the ref signals good goal. I nearly knock you over in our excited embrace. The rest of the team swarms us from the bench as the home crowd roars. Now it’s time for a *hard* earned shower….Maybe you can tell me what happens next 😉

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